Need-based Turn Times

What does “need-based” turn-times really mean?

It means we understand that our speed and accuracy impact your client’s satisfaction and your business success. In order to sure your success and your satisfaction as our clients, we guarantee the following turn times:

48 hours or less
New Loan
Purchase: 48 Hours or less
Refinance: 72 Hours or less
Condition Sign Off
48 hours or less
48 hours or less
48 hours or less from receipt
of scanned items requested

We don’t change our turn times or offer different guarantees to different clients. We provide aggressive, accurate and fast turn times because they are what will help you gain and retain clients, and will help us retain you. These turn times are benchmarks of our promise to you. This kind of speed is what you need, and we deliver.

We do know, however that files are not always straightforward. You may need to work with your account executive to make a closing happen under extenuating circumstances. We have the experience and expertise to handle challenges and to work with you to create a time frame that meets the expectations of your clients — and the needs of your own business.

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